About the Feature Film

UnRevealed: 3 Days in Hades

Writer/Direcctor: Ty Manns

Executive Producer: Lawrence Poindexter

Proposed Filming Location: Savannah, GA 

Estimated Shooting Days: 20 

Characters: Jesus, Satan, Chief Priest, Pontius Pilate, Mary

Logline: Those that witnessed Jesus died on the cross that hot day in Calvary thought it was His final sacrifice for humankind's sins, but was it? What if His crucifixion was really just the beginning?

Synopsis: With only three days before resurrection day, Jesus must descend into the depths of Hades to confront evil and battle His Father's most reviled enemy to regain humankind's stolen virtues. But, the task will not be easy. Satan, surrounded and protected by his army of demons have been preparing for this from the time he deceived Eve that faithful day long ago in the Garden of Eden. Jesus' crucifixion was for humankinds sins. His battle in Hades will be for their mortal souls and continued survival.

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